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Fresh Food Vending Machines

Fresh Food Vending Machines

Fresh food can be available to you fast! We have variety of freshly prepared treats, snacks and meals – perfect for primary and high schools, offices and workshops.

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It’s never been so easy to have fresh food available at your workplace or school. Technology and consumer expectations are constantly moving forward so fast, it was only a matter of time before fresh foods like baked treats, wraps and even salads made their appearance in vending machines.

Our energy-saving fresh food vending machines are lit with LED lighting and keep everything cold, meeting all food guidelines offering a full selection of fresh food meal and snack alternatives. All machines have our back-2-base monitoring technology to allow us to monitor the temperture and expiry dates of products, ensuring that you are always provided with food fresh and ready to eat.

Fresh meals and snacks are key to promote healthier eating in your workplace by installing our healthy and fresh food vending machines. Our vending machines can be independently delivered and fitted at your venue and can also be grouped together with our other range of vending machines offering even more choice. Fresh meal machines are a unique type of vending that we deliver to very grateful clients with employees who work through lunch and even dinner. We offer each site an independent, pre-site evaluation to determine our available machines to fill your workspace or school needs.

Fresh Food Vending Machines in your Workplace

Gecko Vending are delighted to confirm that we have now partnered with a leading portion-controlled, pre-packaged healthy convenient meal company from our local area in Brisbane. All meals are delivered fresh, not frozen, and use only local ingredients. You can be assured that your healthy vended meal will always be fresh, nutritious and gourmet for your convenience.

Now with fresh food and drink products available to you and your workplace, we know that your staff will be overwhelmed with choices and joy with our great tasting fresh food vending machines. 

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