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Microwavable meals and meat pies for dinner on the go. Ice creams and frozen yoghurts for an afternoon treat.

Frozen Food & Ice Cream Vending Machines

Ice Cream Vending machines are now available to ensure maximum convenience for your business. We also offer ice cream vending machine solutions as well as frozen food vending machines.

We stock popular microwavable meals including Weight Watchers, Healthy Choice, Vegetarian, Lean Cuisine, Mrs Mac’s Pies, Mrs Mac’s Sausage Rolls, Mrs Mac’s Quiches, Chicken Rolls, Angus Roast Beef Rolls, Bacon & Cheese Burgers, Angus Burgers, just to name a few.

This a great addition to large sites where employees often work night shift and need additional meal requirements after hours.

Please click on product category images below to see a comprehensive list of frozen products available.

  • 2 frosty fruits_med 2
  • 271231 bulla frozen yoghurt strawberry 100g 219x225_med 2
  • ben jerrys cookie dough_med 2
  • ice cream_med 3
  • paddle pop shake cup_med 3
  • peters drumstick_med 3
  • peters frosty fruit tropical_med 3
  • peters heart_1_med 3
  • peters lemonade icy pole_med 3
  • peters milo_med 3
  • Weis Bars Gecko Vending
  • 250012_med 2
  • 744149_med 2
  • bacon egg toastie_med 2
  • cheese burger_med 2
  • chicken fillet burger_med 2
  • chicken roll_med 2
  • hc apricot chicken_med 1
  • hc beef lasagne_med 1
  • hc chicken and mushroom risotto_med 1
  • hc meatballs_med 1
  • hc moroccan lamb_med 1
  • hc slow cooked mexican_med 1
  • Jam ball_med 1
  • mrs macs cheese pie_med 1
  • pastie_med 1
  • pepper pie_med 1
  • sausage roll_med 1
  • ww spag_med 1

The choice is yours from the ice cream vending machine in your workplace including public and private business, government, primary and secondary school, prison or correctional centre, truck depot/interstate drivers, convention centre, hospital, staff canteen, university, college, tafe, museum, gym and fitness, travel, airport, hotel & resort, apartment & accommodation buildings including backpacker, club, construction, building, call centre, shopping centre, social club or art gallery.

If you work at the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or Gold Coast areas, remember to contact Gecko Vending for an appraisal to place a ice cream vending machine in your business.

Frozen Food and Ice Cream Vending Machines are a unique type of vending. We offer each site an independent, pre-site evaluation to ensure your location will qualify for this type of machine.

Treat yourself to a Streets or Peters Ice Cream or Frozen Yoghurt for afternoon tea or reward for a job well done!