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Brisbane healthy vending machines by gecko vending

Healthy Vending Machines

Finally, being healthy is more than just a BUZZ word. Paying attention to one’s health is becoming more important. Our healthy vending range is growing on a regular basis. 

Healthy Vending Machines | Join the Revolution

A healthy life is comprised of the small decisions we make every day – particularly the foods we eat. Health and wellbeing is a hot topic, and it seems like everyone is becoming more health conscious! Here at Gecko Vending, we aim to support people in making healthier food choices each day. That’s why we offer a wide selection of healthy foods and beverages to be stocked in our vending machines.


Improve Your Workplace With a Healthy Vending Machine

Are you interested in having a healthy vending machine in your place of business, school or office? The customer demand for healthy vending machines in their workplace is growing rapidly.

By choosing to have a healthy vending machine, you are sending a clear message to your employees that you are promoting a healthier workplace for the wellbeing of all involved.

Healthy vending machines and YouFoodz vending options

What Healthy Food & Beverages are Available for My Vending Machine?

Gecko Vending offers a wide range of healthy food and drink options to choose from, including fresh food  such as wraps, sandwiches, and salads.

Our top 10 healthy vending snacks are:

1. Cheese & Crackers

2. Fresh Youfoodz Meals

3. Gluten Free Cookies

4. Vege Chips Sweet & Sour

5. Vege Chips Barbeque

6. Suimin Chicken

7. Multigrain Cashew Mix

8. Power Mix

9. Gluten Free Snaps

10. Popcorn

Healthy Vending Choices

Can My Vending Machine Still Include Treats?

Of course – moderation is the key. We’re mindful that every vending machine needs a balance between healthy treats and those salty/sweet favourites.

Depending on the location of your vending machine, allowing a hard working staff member satisfying that late afternoon sugar craving or appease a child with a snack pack of salty chips or chocolate bar is just smart. It offers choice by offering options. We can even cater to different food preferences with healthy gluten free snacks, diary free options… we can even create a custom vegetarian or vegan vending machine to suit.

We stock your vending machine with a balanced combination of products of your choice to keep everyone happy.


Brisbane's Biggest Healthy Vending Machine Company

The Modern Workplace | Healthy Vending Machines & More

Have you noticed the healthy vending machines taking Brisbane by storm? You may have wondered if it’s simply a passing trend Or, perhaps it is part of a bigger transformation of the modern workplace. The vending industry is adapting to meet the evolving needs and demands of consumers, and Gecko Vending is proud to be at the leading edge of the healthy vending movement.

In addition to providing employees with access to healthy vending machines, many businesses are now offering wider workplace policies and strategies focused upon employee health and well being. Some of the workplace changes being incorporated are:

  • Walking meetings
  • Healthy lifestyle information sessions
  • Health check-ups
  • Active lunchtime sporting events


Vegetarian and Vegan Vending Machines Brisbane

Talk Healthy Vending Machines With Gecko Vending

Is your current workplace or public area vending machine failing to meet your needs with regards to providing healthy food and beverage options? Talk to Gecko Vending for a FREE appraisal to see how we can provide a tailored healthy vending machine solution that works for you.

Healthy Vending Snack and Meal Options