Brisbane vending machines by gecko vending

Workplace/Office Vending

Make life easier for your workforce & clients! We make you look good by offering them a range of popular drinks & snacks.

Your No. 1 Choice In Workplace Vending

Workplaces vary from bustling office situations to construction/building work sites to quiet waiting rooms and receptions. At Gecko Vending, we supply, stock and service professional drink, snack, food and frozen vending machines to suit you, your staff and your clientele.

Your workplace or office set-up will determine the purpose of your vending machine/s.

Different Vending Machines for Difference Spaces

  • Waiting Room / Reception Area: A vending machine offers convenience for your clientele where there may be a significant wait before being served.
  • Office: Typically, a vending machine in this circumstance is for your staff and onsite contractors. This provides them to access to drinks and snacks reducing the time required to go off site in search of food.
  • Building / Construction Site: Vending machines work well set-up inside of demountable offices/lunch rooms for staff to come and go as they need. Drinks and foods can be customised to suit your workforce (e.g. meat pies, sausage rolls, cut sandwiches, muesli bars, canned drinks, bottled water and chocolate bars).
  • Foyers: In larger office spaces or buildings where there is a common foyer/reception area, vending machines serve staff, contractors and customers. More than one vending machine can be supplied to ensure demand is met and content customised and monitored.
  • Busy Public Spaces: Vending machines are already popular in large public areas like shopping centres and cultural precincts. And YES, we can cater for these also! We have a FLEET of vending machines that is continuously growing with the latest technology in cashless and touchscreen vending.