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Fresh Food Vending

Vending makes all food FASTER! And this includes Fresh snacks and meals perfect for schools, offices and hospitals.

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Fresh Food Vending Machines Brisbane

Fresh is best and with the advancements made in vending technology, it is no surprise that you can now get Fresh snacks and meals straight out of a vending machine.

Imagine fresh, complete meals like Butter Chicken, Thai Chicken, Beef Lasagne and Roast Lamb and Vegetables served at your workplace! You can view the rest of our fresh food snack and meal options here.

Our current offering including a range of conventional snack foods, healthy options, drinks, frozen meals has now been expanded to fresh foods. Our fresh food range does include wraps, sandwiches, croissants, toasted sandwiches to cater for the most diverse workforces. Vending makes this possible and at no cost to the site owner or company.


How Do I get a YouFoodz Vending Machine at work?

Gecko Vending have partnered with YouFoodz, one of Australia’s leading pre-packaged, portion-controlled healthy meal companies. Delivered FRESH – Not Frozen.

Our energy efficient vending machines are perfectly chilled to meet fresh food guidelines. We also use back-2-base monitoring technology to track machine temperature and expiry dates to ensure that the fresh meals being served from our fresh food vending machines are indeed FRESH.

Contact Gecko Vending to arrange an independent, pre-site evaluation. One of our Gecko Vending team will come to your workplace, school or hospital to ensure your venue is suitable and qualifies for a YouFoodz Vending Machine. Start enjoying the Fresh Flavors of Youfoodz at work today!

With technologies and consumer expectations moving forward in leaps and bounds, it was only time before fresh foods like salads, wraps and baked treats made their way into a vending machine.

Our energy efficient fresh food vending machines are lit with LED lighting and chilled to meet food guidelines offering a range of fresh food meal and snack options. We use back-2-base monitoring technology to remotely track machine temperature and expiry dates to ensure products are always fresh and ready to eat.

Fresh meals and snacks are a perfect solution to promote healthier eating in your workplace. Our fresh food vending machines can be independently installed at your venue or grouped together with our range of drink and snack food vending machines offering even more choice. Fresh meal machines are a unique type of vending. We offer each site an independent, pre-site evaluation to ensure your location will qualify for this type of vending machine.


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3 Steps to getting Youfoodz at Work

How does it work?

By choosing to have a Youfoodz Healthy Vending Machine in your Workplace, it shows to all staff that you are serious about healthy eating habits and a healthier workplace. The vending machine is an important part of Healthier workplace initiatives.

Gecko Vending are bringing Youfoodz fresh Meals to your workplace for easy and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options.  Getting pre-packaged, fresh and healthy meals and snacks for your workplace is as easy as 1…2…3.

  1. Contact Gecko Vending by phone 0417 779 562, email or request a call back to arrange a personal and tailored assessment of your workplace needs for the provision of Youfoodz meals for your employees.
  2. Install your free Youfoodz Vending Machine with fresh and healthy meals and snacks. There are no costs involved for delivery, restocking and maintenance of the vending machines. The costs of the Youfoodz meals and snacks are the same as you would pay at home.
  3. Enjoy the wide range of Youfoodz meals for a fast and convenient lunch heated up in no time. Youfoodz meals and snacks are suited to a range of dietary requirements including: – dairy free, gluten free, egg free, nut free and vegetarian.

Your new Youfoodz Vending Machine can be part of an overall Vending Machine Solution for your workplace. Gecko Vending can supply your drink, snack, frozen meal and icecream needs.


Fresh Food Vending Machines

Gecko Vending have passed the accreditation and site hazard assessment and is proud to become a  wholesale supplier for Fresh Food Vending in Brisbane. This means we can supply the meals, snack and cold pressed juices in your Brisbane Vending Machines.

Feedback from existing Gecko Vending machine customers with Fresh Food in their vending machines varies from “How Exciting!!!”, to “This is Fantastic!!, “Wonderful to have Fresh Food in our workplace vending machine” and “I eat these at home, how good is it to have in my workplace vending machine as well.”

Please advise your staff and make an enquiry on their favourite fresh food meals they may be interested in seeing in the vending machine. The selection is wide and varied in the fresh food range of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack times.

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