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All of our Gecko Vending machines are fitted with delivery sensors ensuring you get what you ordered or your money back! We believe our customers deserve the very best service.

“I-Vend” | Vending of the Future

At Gecko Vending, we believe our customers deserve the very best service. Gone are the days of losing money to vending machines. In keeping with modern vending machine design , all of our Gecko Vending machines are fitted with cutting-edge “i-Vend” technology. This technology engages sensors to ensure that you get what you ordered, or your money back!


What Exactly is “I-Vend” Technology?

In short, the “i-Vend” product delivery sensor is an automatic troubleshooting technology. For years, a major issue with vending machine technology has been the lack of immediate response to a failed product delivery. This has resulted in frustrated customers being left out-of-pocket and empty-handed. Fortunately, “I-Vend” technology provides the solution.

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Let’s Get Technical | How Does “I-Vend” Work?

“I-Vend” uses infrared sensor lights to scan and detect whether or not the requested product has been dropped and received by the customer. If it does not sense the product drop, it will assume that the product was not available, and initiate an immediate refund. Every Gecko Vending machine is equipped with the latest “I-Vend” product delivery system. This includes:

Key Benefits of “I-Vend” Technology

In addition to significantly improving the vending machine industry, “i-Vend” offers some key benefits to customers, including:

  • Fast, easy process
  • No customer action necessary
  • Eliminates frustration and disappointment
  • Saves time with automated refund
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
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The “I-Vend” Delivery System | Our Promise to You

We are so confident with our “i-Vend” delivery system that we offer a 200% refund guarantee.

  • If you don’t receive your selected product
  • the machine does not return your money, and
  • you contact us to report the problem immediately…

we will ensure your money is returned, and give you the product you originally selected for FREE!