Brisbane vending machines by gecko vending


All of our Gecko Vending machines are fitted with delivery sensors ensuring you get what you ordered or your money back! We believe our customers deserve the very best service.

Product Delivery Sensor Technology with “I-Vend”

All of our snack vending machines, drink vending machines, ice cream vending machines and combination snack and drink vending machines are equipped with the latest “I-Vend” product delivery system.

This unique infrared technology detects whether the vended product has dropped, ensuring that the customer either receives their product selected, or the vending machine returns their money.

200% refund guarantee

We are so confident of our “I-Vend” delivery system that we offer a 200% refund guarantee.

  • If you don’t receive your selected product,
  • and the machine does not return your money,
  • and you contact us to report the problem immediately…

…we will ensure your money is returned and give you the product you originally selected for FREE!

That is the Gecko Vending promise to you