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Brisbane vending machines by gecko vending

Schools & Healthy Vending

Healthy vending in schools helps promote healthier snacking and eating. Providing ready-made meals & snacks help students maintain concentration and focus throughout the day.

Want To Have A Healthy Vending Machine In Your SCHOOL?

We Can Help You!

Here at Gecko Vending, we believe that healthy bodies=healthy minds; we are incorporating healthy and nutritious snacks and drinks into our healthy vending machines in Brisbane. The demand for healthy vending machines in schools is quickly growing. If you are apart of the school community then these machines may interest you.

By improving the vending machine in your school to be part of Healthy Choices programs, many Brisbane schools, colleges and Tafes are embracing the healthy vending machine revolution and asking Gecko Vending to be their preferred supplier.

Examples of new healthy products recently added into our healthy vending machines in Brisbane include Gluten Free Chips, Popcorn and Go Natural Bars. Fresh healthy product options include reduced fat cheese & crackers and low fat yoghurts. Our healthy drink options include sugar free, low calorie and drinks sweetened with Stevia. Some popular healthy gym snack options are fruit and nut trail mixes, 97% slim bars and low sugar protein bars.

By choosing to have a healthy vending machine in your school, you are sending a clear message to your students, teachers and parents that you are promoting a healthier school for the well being of all involved. Brisbane is leading the way in healthy school vending machine options and Gecko Vending is proud to be a leader in this field.