Water has progressed almost as quickly as technology! There is a new flavour being released most months AND, we bring the best still, sparkling and flavoured water brands to you. The latest water craze is coconut water, and YES, we stock that too!

Our vending machines are designed to keep our bottled water products chilled to perfection. We can also monitor what bottled water brands are the most popular PLUS keep an eye on products that are about to run out.

We have a free drink vending machine service and cold drink vending option to suit your business including public and private business, government, primary and secondary school, hospital, university, college, TAFE, gym and fitness, travel, airport, hotel, club, construction, building, call centre, shopping centre, staff canteen, social club, art gallery, convention centre, museum and prison or correctional centre.

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  • 957850_med
  • 957852_med
  • 958362_med
  • 958413_med
  • 958429_med
  • 958444_med
  • berocca orange_1_med
  • berocca original
  • coconut water_med
  • cooroy water_med
  • mt franklin_med
  • noosa bottle_med
  • nu pure sparkling water_med
  • nurient water dragon_med
  • nutrient water black berry_med
  • nutrient water passionfruit_med
  • nutrient water valencia orange_med
  • rawc_med
  • Spring_Valley_Smart_Water_Dragonfruit__Berry_ _Ginseng_500ml_med
  • Spring_Valley_Smart_Water_Goji__Wildberry_ _Antioxidants_500ml_med
  • Spring_Valley_Smart_Water_Tahitian_Lime_ _Guarana_500ml_med
  • SparklingIceKiwiStrawberry_med
  • SparklingIceBlackRasbery_med
  • SparklingIceLemonLime_med
  • SparklingIceOrangeMango_med
  • SparklingIceStrawberryWatermelon_med
  • SparklingPinkGrapefruit_med
  • ovi berry_med

Mount Franklin

  • Mount Franklin Still
  • Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling
  • Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Lemon
  • Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Lime
  • Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Wild Berry


  • Spring Valley Smart Water Tahitian Lime
  • Spring Valley Smart Water Dragonfruit & Berry
  • Spring Valley Smart Water Goji & Wildberry


  • Jt’s Coconut Water


  • Lychee
  • Original
  • Mango
  • Peach

Nutrient Water

  • Nutrient Water Orange Defence
  • Nutrient Water Blackberry Goji Focus
  • Nutrient Water Dragonfruit Endurance
  • Nutrient Water Pineapple Watermelon Multi V
  • Nutrient Water Strawberry Guava A-Game


  • Ovi Hydration Berry
  • Ovi Hydration Peach 
  • Ovi Hydration Citrus


  • Spring Water
  • Lightly Sparkling Lemon Lime
  • Lightly Sparkling Natural


  • Sparkling Water
  • Melograno & Arancia
  • Arancita Rossa

Vitamin Water

  • Glaceau Vitamin Water Power
  • Glaceau Vitamin Water Focus
  • Glaceau Vitamin Water Antioxidant
  • Glaceau Vitamin Water Revive


  • Lemonade
  • Black Raspberry
  • Lemon Lime
  • Raspberry Lemonade


  • Original
  • Orange
  • Orange & Mango