Chocolate milks and iced coffees are great every day of the week. Our range of milk drinks have been tested and tried with our Product Popularity Monitoring Software, ensuring that the milk drinks in your vending machine are not going to waste.

Our Back-2-Base monitoring also allows us to check expiry dates, stock rotations and even when a particular flavour or brand is starting to run low. You can have peace of mind that one of our staff from Gecko Vending will call in to stock-up at a time convenient for you.

Milk Drinks for You Gecko Vending
  • barista iced coffee 2
  • barista chocolate
  • barista iced coffee
  • Breaka Choc_med
  • Breaka icedcoffee_med
  • Breaka Strawberry_med
  • Breaka_med
  • ice break_med
  • milo drink_med
  • nippys honey comb_med
  • nippys iced chocolate_med
  • nippys iced coffee_med
  • nippys iced mocha_med
  • nippys iced strawberry_med
  • oats to go banana_med
  • oats to go cocoa_med
  • up and go choc_med
  • up and go strawberry_med
  • up and go vanilla_med
  • up and go energize choc_med
  • up and go energize coffee_med
  • upgo banana bottle_med
  • upgo choc ice bottle_med
  • upgo strawberry bottle_med
  • upgo vanilla ice bottle_med


  • Sanitarium Up & Go Choc Ice
  • Sanitarium Up & Go Vanilla Ice
  • Sanitarium Up & Go Banana
  • Sanitarium Up & Go Caramel
  • Sanitarium Up & Go Strawberry
  • Sanitarium Up & Go Vanilla Energize
  • Sanitarium Up & Go Choc Energize
  • Sanitarium Up & Go Iced Coffee Energize


  • Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk Dark Chocolate
  • Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk Vanilla Coconut
  • Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk Date & Caramel


  • Chocolate Breaka
  • Iced Coffee Breaka
  • Strawberry Breaka
  • Vanilla Breaka


  • Nippy’s Iced Chocolate Reduced Fat Milk
  • Nippy’s Iced Strawberry Reduced Fat Milk
  • Nippy’s Iced Honeycomb Reduced Fat Milk
  • Nippy’s Iced Banana Reduced Fat Milk

Barista Bros

  • Barista Bros Iced Chocolate Flavoured Milk
  • Barista Bros Iced Coffee Flavoured Milk
  • Barista Bros Iced Coffee Double Espresso Flavoured Milk
  • Barista Bros Mocha

Other Milk Drink Products

  • Nestle Milo
  • Ice Break Iced Coffee (Fresh)
  • Ice Break Bold Espresso (Fresh)
  • Dare Double Espresso (Fresh)
  • Classic Strawberry Milk (Fresh)
  • Classic Chocolate Milk (Fresh)
  • Classic Vanilla Malt Milk (Fresh)