For the health conscious, we can supply a range of protein-packed drinks. Great for gyms, community centres and health precincts. Also a popular choice for shopping centres.

We tailor the range of products to suit your venue and continue to monitor it ensuring that there is something for everybody. 

We also offer a delicious range of protein packed snacks.

Protein Drinks for You Gecko Vending
  • 035950r01_MUSA_Product20Image20 20P3020UHT20Protein20Drink20Iced20Coffee_375ml_med
  • 035950r01_MUSA_Product20Image20 20P3020UHT20Protein20Drink20Strawberry_375ml_med
  • 035950r01_MUSA_Product20Image20 20P3020UHT20Protein20Drink20Vanilla_375ml_med
  • Aussie_Bodies_Protein_Revival_Chocolate_375ml_med
  • Aussie_Bodies_Protein_Revival_Coffee_375ml_med
  • Aussie_Bodies_Protein_Revival_Strawberry_375ml_med
  • Aussie_Bodies_Protein_Revival_Vanilla_375ml_med
  • musashi choc_med
  • RTD ultra recovery_med
  • RTD ultra ripped_med


  • Musashi P30 Banana Smoothie
  • Musashi P30 Creamy Vanilla
  • Musashi P30  Strawberry
  • Musashi P30 Iced Coffee
  • Musashi P30 Iced Chocolate


  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee


  • Muscle Recovery Protein Shake
  • Ultra Ripped Protein Shake

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