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Interactive Touch Screens

Just like our modern devices, vending machines can be touch screen too! Easily tap & swipe your order PLUS order Multiple Products in 1 transaction.

Brisbane vending machines by gecko vending

Touch Screen Vending Enhances User Experience

At Gecko Vending we are committed to offering you the best service possible, which is why we supply and install touch screen vending machines. These high-tech vending machines have a number of advantages over traditional machines and we’ve received incredibly positive feedback from our customers regarding their accessibility and appeal.


Brisbane Touch Screen Vending Machines by Gecko Vending
Touch Screen Vending Machines Brisbane - Gold Coast - Sunshine Coast
Touch Screen Vending Machines Brisbane - Gold Coast - Sunshine Coast

Easy-use Vending Machines

Interactive touch screen vending machines are easier to use and come with a shopping cart feature, which means you can purchase up to three items in one transaction – now there’s no excuse for not getting snacks for your workmates too!


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Pressing the Wrong Button is a Thing of the Past

We’ve all had that upsetting vending machine experience, where you’re craving Doritos but you accidentally get Barbecue Shapes because you’ve typed in the wrong code. When you use our high-tech touch screen vending machines this problem is no more. Customers can browse the product range on the touch screen and get exactly what they are wanting, every single time.

Bonus Cleaning Advantage

Touch screen vending machines not only look fantastic and offer a better service than traditional vending machines, they are also easier to keep clean and hygienic. This is because the touch screen is simple to wipe clean, as opposed to the tiny buttons on traditional vending machines, which inevitably collect grit and grime.

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What do Touch Screen Vending Machines Look Like?

Our touch screen vending machines still feature a big glass display screen to enable customers to peruse stock. The main difference is that instead of buttons, they possess a small, user-friendly and visually appealing touch screen. The screen is similar to that of a smart-phone, only much more simplified. We’ve found our touch screen vending machines tend to attract curious bystanders because of their visual appeal and novelty.


Touch Screen Vending Brisbane